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One of the top-selling fishing boat brands in the US, Tracker boats offer a great value for their price. Considered by many to be an entry-level brand of aluminum boats, they are welded rather than riveted. For precision and accuracy, most of the welding is done robotically.

Tracker Boats revolutionized the boating industry when it was founded in 1978 by John Morris, founder of Bass Pro Shops. Their boats were initially designed as a complete fishing boat package, and after two years of designing and development, their popularity chart showed an upward trend.

These boats are affordable and are a trendy brand among fishermen. If you own one, you benefit from a lower price, and the top-quality construction means they are long-lasting. A low-cost investment with a great resale value makes these boats a steal of a deal. However, the resale value can be affected if it is not properly taken care of.

Your boat is subjected to environmental elements, ranging from hot and humid days in the summer to freezing temperatures in the winter. The right boat cover is a must to protect your investment. At Seal Skin, we offer a wide variety of bass Tracker boat covers to shield your investment against the elements.

Why Choose a Top-Quality Seal Skin Cover for Your Tracker Boat?

Environmental elements like snow, hail, sun rays, and so on can cause severe damages to your boat. Unlike these elements, tree sap, nuts, branches, and bird droppings are not something that is triggered by climate-related factors and can strike and damage your boat all year round.

Indoor storage may seem like a better option, but it does not provide complete protection. When your boat is stored in a garage for a prolonged period of time, it will collect a layer of dust. Dirt and dust formation, insect frass, animal droppings, and so on may not look hazardous initially, but they can damage your boat in the long run.

Our expertly designed Seal Skin boat covers offer unparalleled benefits and protect your boat from inclement weather and other harmful elements. At Seal Skin, we offer an extensive range of Tracker boat covers for both indoor and outdoor storage.

Our Brand Is as Unique as a Blue Diamond

When you decide to buy a cheaper boat cover to save a couple of hundred bucks, it can ruin your boat worth tens of thousands or more. Buying an ineffective cover can be a costly mistake. An ill-fitting boat cover can trap air under it, leading to mildew and mold buildup, turning your boat into a greenhouse.

A suitable boat cover is one that fits snugly and is made for the exact year, model, and manufacturer of your boat. Our Tracker boat covers provide an ideal fit. A high-quality Seal Skin cover shields the entire boat deck; however, it doesn’t trap air beneath it, leaving sizable gaps for the interior of your boat to breathe, while keeping out the elements.

We understand our customers’ needs, respect them, and offer relevant service, which is why we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee with every purchase.

How a Seal Skin Boat Cover Can Save You Time and Money

Tracker boats may have a great resale value, however, even minor damage can depreciate its value. We sell Tracker boat covers that will:

  • Protect your boat from fungal infestations. Many boat owners live under the misconception that a tight-fitting boat cover provides better protection. It only makes your boat vulnerable to mold, mildew, and rot buildup. These fungal infestations can expose the boat’s interior by eating through the boat cover. Our Seal Skin bass Tracker boat covers provide an effective ventilation system and prevent mildew and mold buildup by allowing water vapor to escape through the breathable space.

  • Protect it from climate-related and non-climate-related factors. UV rays can deteriorate your boat’s gel coat which is the first layer of defense from the elements. It causes your boat’s color to fade by breaking down the pigments in gel coats. Snow, hail, tree sap, and animal droppings can also cause damage to different parts of your boat, resulting in avoidable repairs and costs. Our expertly designed boat covers protect your boat from the elements and help to save you precious time and hard-earned money.

  • Protect it from prying eyes. A worrying fact is that your boat can catch the attention of crooks because of its inherent value. Experienced thieves can instantly snatch an unprotected boat. You can make it harder for them to steal by using a suitable boat cover. An effective cover not just protects your boat from the elements but also from the prying eyes of curious crooks. Stealing a covered boat can be a time-consuming process and increases the risk of being caught.

A high-quality Seal Skin bass Tracker boat cover acts as a barrier between your gel coat and the sun’s rays. It is worth the time and energy to maintain your bass Tracker boat in good condition compared to the money it will cost to have it repaired.

The Unparalleled Benefits of Using Our Seal Skin Boat Covers

Here are some reasons why you should invest in a Seal Skin bass Tracker boat cover:

  • Seal Skin bass Tracker boat covers are made of high-quality fabric that is waterproof and mold and mildew-resistant. The sewn-in ventilation system provides superior protection by disallowing water to seep into the interior.

  • Our covers feature a UV-resistant finish to prevent the harmful UV rays from permeating through the cover, ensuring that your interior is fully protected.

  • The marine-grade polyester coating provides high durability and also ensures that our covers are resistant to wear and tear.

  • Reinforced grommets, straps, and buckle systems ensure that our covers can stand the test of strong winds and provide superior protection to your boat.

Reupholstering or applying a new layer of gel coat to your Tracker boat is an unnecessary expense that can be avoided if you put time and energy into taking care of your investment. Your Tracker boat can easily get damaged if it is not covered by a quality boat cover. Investing in a quality boat cover is a no-brainer.

Our Seal Skin Tracker boat covers provide a high level of protection. The incredible qualities ensure that our covers will last for a long period of time and not just a single season.


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