FAQ – Seal Skin Covers


  • If my cover doesn't fit can I exchange it?
    • Yes you can. Customers have 30 days to try the cover and see how it fits. If the cover doesn't fit, we can exchange the cover for you at no cost and as quickly as possible. A prepaid return label is emailed to you to return the original item and a brand new cover is shipped out once the original cover is returned. Just visit the contact us page to fill out a our simple ticket and process an exchange. (contact us page https://www.sealskincovers.com/index.php/contactus)
  • What is a Styled-to-Fit Cover? Is it made for my specific boat or vehicle?
    • Styled-to-Fit covers are covers designed based on a vehicle or boats style and size. Styled-to-Fit covers are not made specific to one vehicle or boat, but they are not 1 size fit all universal covers either. They fall in between and generally provide the best fit at the best possible price. Styled-to-Fit covers are an awesome option for customers looking for a quality cover, good fit and a great price. They help customers save hundreds of dollars on fully custom covers that are overpriced, un-returnable, hard to install and sometimes made from poor quality fabrics.
  • I didn't receive my tracking number. Is something wrong?
    • At Seal Skin Cover, we're a family business and we work hard for all our customers. We try and make sure all of our customers get their covers as soon as possible. Please allow 2 business days to process your order. If you haven't received a tracking number after 2 business days please visit our website’s contact us page and fill out a simple ticket. Enter your full name, phone number, email address and select option 1 titltled "I haven't received my order, can you please provide an update." An agent will track your order and provide a full update in 24 hours after the ticket is filled out. (contact us page https://www.sealskincovers.com/index.php/contactus)
  • My tracking number is not showing results. Can you help me?
    • When you receive a tracking number, please allow at least 24 hours for the tracking number to start tracking. If your tracking number is still not showing results after 24 hours, please visit our contact us page and fill out a simple ticket. Fill out your full name, email and phone number and select option 1. A customer service agent will look into your order and follow up with UPS to make sure your order has shipped successfully. You should receive an update in 24 hours after filling out a ticket. (contact us page https://www.sealskincovers.com/index.php/contactus)
  • Can I return my cover for a refund?
    • Yes you can. Customers have 30 days to try the cover. If you would like to return the cover for a refund, a prepaid return label is emailed to you to return the order. A 18% shipping & convenience fee is applied to help clean up, package and re-stock the item. We have the most generous return policy in the industry. Most of our competitors are demanding higher restocking fees and shipping charges as well. We also have free exchanges where most of our competitors charge restocking fees even on exchanges. To process a refund, just visit the contact us page, select option 4 “all other questions and concerns” and let us know you would like to return your order for a refund. (contact us page https://www.sealskincovers.com/index.php/contactus)
  • My order is on backorder, how long before I receive my cover?
    • Seal Skin Cover has been in business since 2004 and we've heavily invested in our capacity to manufacture, market and ship covers on time. As hard as we work, our brand has exploded in the past 10 years and sometimes covers can run out. The good news is customers can either decide to cancel their order for a full refund or request a discount to wait for their cover. Back-orders are normally fulfilled within 2-3 weeks.
  • Can I cancel my order?
    • If you need to cancel your order or If you are not 100% satisfied with your shopping experience or the return & exchange policies , we allow customers to cancel their order the same day the order is placed by calling our customer service department to cancel . Emails will not be answered in time and will be voided out as orders will already be in shipment stage. Once an order is canceled, customers receive a full refund. Refunds are sent back to the original payment method used to place the order. Once the 1 business day processing period passes, it is impossible to cancel the order because the order has already been packaged or shipped. At this point we can either return or exchange the order.
  • Can I change my shipping address?
    • Yes, customers have 24 hours to change or update their shipping address. Once the 24 hour processing period passes, customer can not change the shipping address for security as well as fraud protection reasons.
  • I placed my order already but I recently received a coupon code, can I apply it to the order I already placed?
    • Sure if the order has been placed within 24 hours. Customers can still apply the coupon code as long as it's within the 24 hour limit. Once the 24 hour processing period passes, it is impossible to apply a coupon code or to cancel the order because the order has already been packaged or shipped.
    • Thank you for shopping with Seal Skin Cover, hope you love your new cover!