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The Cover That Cares. Feel The Difference.

400,000 Verified Customers. Established in 2005, 95K+ Reviews. Call Now 800-915-0038

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Love your boat? Throw away that cheap tarp and give your pride and joy the protection it deserves. Use our selector to find the perfect cover for your boat.

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Seal Skin Supreme Boat Covers
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I ordered this car cover and I could not be happier, it fits well and it seems to be holding up quite great. The cover was shipped very quickly as promised. 5 Stars!!

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Seal Skin Supreme Car Covers
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@Mich   - Florida

"Great cover, i trailer from the lake & back with the cover on"

@Mich - Florida

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"the team at seal skin helped me exchange for a much better fit"

@AnnaL. - Tennessee

@JoeC  -  California

"this cover fits my center console boat like a glove, ready for winter"

@JoeC - California

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"fits perfect on my corvette, highly recommend"

@MrCorvette - Texas


"sealskin covers is what i would put on my motorcycle"


What is the Seal Skin Waterproof Car Cover?

Seal Skin offers car, boat, and other recreational vehicle owners a way to protect their investments. The Seal Skin outdoor car cover protects exterior paint, protecting the vehicle from the damaging rays of the sun and deterring natural hazards like tree sap, bird droppings, and more.

The Seal Skin waterproof car cover is made from the finest materials and offers extreme protection for just about anything Mother Nature can throw in your direction. We add several layers of water-resistant protection that wicks moisture away from your vehicle. At the heart of the Seal Skin cover is the inner layer soft fleece lining. Where generic car tarps can create micro scratches on the outer surface of your car, the Seal Skin outdoor car cover keeps your exterior finishes as clean as the day they rolled off the assembly line.

Does Seal Skin Just Protect Cars?

Big or small, if it’s got tires or floats, we have a Seal Skin cover for you. Rather than just being an outdoor car cover, Seal Skin also has designs for smaller vehicles, from ATVs to jet skis. We even offer seat covers to extend this superior quality protective shield to the inside of your vehicle. Each product, no matter the size, is carefully crafted to provide you with the protection you need for your vehicle.

If you want your car, boat, or other recreational vehicle to look showroom-worthy, there is simply no better product on the market. Seal Skin waterproof outdoor vehicle covers give you a cleaner, newer-looking exterior. This vehicle care product reduces the risk of small dings and nicks in the paint caused by wind, grit, or other outdoor elements. The Seal Skin outdoor car cover can even act as a deterrent to vandals or thieves. Are they going to take the time to unlock and uncover your car or boat when there are so many other tempting targets out there?

From cars and boats to scooters and snowmobiles, we have a top-notch cover designed to fit your every vehicular need. If you’re looking for the best and most cost-effective vehicle cover on the market, whether it’s a Seal Skin waterproof boat cover or an outdoor car cover, look no further for the ultimate in weather protection.

What is the Seal Skin Waterproof Boat Cover?

For recreational water lovers, the Seal Skin waterproof boat cover is the industry’s finest, made from an incredibly durable and long-lasting marine quality polyester. Our waterproof boat covers are guaranteed to never shrink, stretch out, or warp from the sun’s punishing rays. From the desert sun to blizzards, Seal Skin waterproof boat covers are there to ensure your marine toys are kept clean and well-maintained. The benefits of our durable outdoor marine covers include:

· Layers of highest quality materials ensure protection from even the toughest outdoor elements. From UV burn to mold or mildew, Seal Skin stands up to just about anything nature can blow your way.

· On the outside, our form fitting Seal Skin covers grip the watercraft tightly, form fitting to the size you need. On the inside, a soft membrane of protection caresses the paint job, avoiding the minute external scratches common from plain old tarping.

Seal Skin offers top-of-the-line protection for your recreational watercraft Don’t trust your beloved boat, jet ski, or other watercraft to anyone else.

Why Choose Seal Skin?

Seal Skin’s waterproof car, boat, and motorsport covers are designed with one idea in mind: Protecting the external surface of your investment. The benefits of this product are what keeps our customers coming back every time they purchase a new car, boat, cycle, snowmobile, or other human conveyance. What sets our product apart from a plain old car or boat cover?

· The Fit

Seal Skin waterproof car and boat covers are designed to fit snugly, gently gripping the vehicle with urethane elastic hems on the inside, while creating a tough, durable shield around the exterior. This isn’t a one-size-fits-all experience, either. Seal Skin waterproof vehicle covers are available in a variety of different sizes and colors for a variety of water and land craft, including:

· The Protection

Waterproof — not water-resistant — yet still breathable, Seal Skin’s line of durable transportation covers offer unparalleled protection from the elements. Through sun, rain, wind, hail, Seal Skin has your back — and your front. Seal Skin protection includes:

  • Five layers of waterproof material suitable for all weather conditions.
  • An internal layer of fleece that lies against the paint.
  • Non-scratch grommets that still manage being tough as nails.
  • Seams are double-stitched and durable.

The Guarantee

Seal Skin products are warranted for five-years to help protect your investment. You can even try the cover for 30-days to see how it fits. We can exchange it for you quickly with no cost if you’re not happy with the sizing. You can also return the product for a refund—but we doubt you’ll want to.

  • If it floats or rolls, Seal Skin has an ultra-tough cover that creates an exceptional layer of protection between your car, boat, or motorsports equipment. We know how important this investment is; our Seal Skin outdoor protection products help vehicle owners sleep a little better at night.