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Seal Skin Covers Seal Skin Covers
Seal Skin Covers
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Snug Fit. Great Price!

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Waterproof Boat CoversSnug Fit Boat Covers for A Great Price to Fit Every Boat and Every Season!

Smart and passionate boat owners choose Seal Skin Covers for all their boat cover needs. We offer the highest quality boat covers on the market today. Available in a variety of sizes and styles, we manufacture thousands of boat covers offering the best selection of products at the best available price.

Even better, our product line is unbelievably durable and long-lasting. Forget flapping, tearing, stretching, and wearing down. This is the highest quality boat cover in the market today. We’re so confident in our Seal Skin boat covers that we offer a money-back guarantee that is an industry trend-setter.

What are you searching for?

  • Center console boat covers are perfect for any type of center console boat, whether it’s a lower-profile bay fisherman style or a center console featuring bow rails. Seal Skin hugs the fit of these specific models, wrapping them in the protection you need to get through the winter season.
  • Mooring boat covers are perfect for off-season storage. Seal Skin offers the full protection of our state-of-the-art mooring boat covers to protect the interior of your watercraft. Cover your boat in Seal Skin and go home to hunker down for the winter. We guarantee our product will help you have peace of mind all winter long.
  • Winter boat covers can handle the harshest conditions—that is, if you select Seal Skin. Standard winter boat covers may not form-fit, which allows water to pool and stretch the fabric. This also encourages mildew to form, something no boat owner wants to find in the spring.

Why Should I Select Seal Skin for My Center Console Boat Cover?

We know center console boats are extremely popular, particularly for fishing and duck hunting. But center console boats are always harder to cover at the end of the season because the styles vary so greatly. You may have a deeper hull or a fairly flat craft.

Some center consoles are made of aluminum. Other consoles are fiberglass, but the size of the hull and the boat itself can vary widely. Finding a Seal-Fit designed center console boat cover has been hard and often cost-prohibitive. Until now.

Seal Skin offers a market-leading center console boat cover that is durable, waterproof, and fits snugly. Further, our console boat covers are affordable when compared to many of the options you’ll find today.

We offer a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. Does your current boat cover offer all this?

Why Are Seal Skin Mooring Covers Better?

Winter storage of your watercraft can be risky, unless you provide a mooring cover to protect it from snow, rain, dirt and other elemental conditions that put your pontoon or motorboat at risk. Seal Skin mooring covers are triple protected and carefully stitched to handle even those high-wear areas such as corners or even any pointed windshield points. If you settle for a lower-cost, aftermarket off-season cover, the constant wear of the wind flopping the cover could spell disaster for the gel coat on our boat. Seal Skin mooring covers are carefully designed for the entire length of your off-season. Why would you trust your watercraft to anyone else?

Benefits of Seal Skin Boat Covers

Seal Skin offers the best craftsmanship in a waterproof design that can withstand the elements. Some of the benefits of Seal Skin boat covers over the competition include:

  • Seal Skin boat covers will not stretch or shrink in the elements. This Seal-Fit cover is extremely well-crafted and able to withstand just about anything Mother Nature throws our direction.
  • Seal Skin boat covers are both surprisingly tough and surprisingly light. You won’t have any problems covering your watercraft this season.
  • Our boat covers aren’t just tough, they are waterproof, too. Multiple layers not only protect your investment but also wick water away. This fabric is breathable which means you won’t uncover your craft to find it covered in mildew next year.
  • We don’t use glue. Our Seal Skin boat covers have double-stitching on the seams and are even reinforced with additional sewing at any point prone to wear and tear.
  • Seal Skin boat covers fit just about any boat. The boat cover is Seal-Fit, and you can choose your favorite color, too.
  • We’re so confident in our Seal Skin boat covers we offer a ten-year warranty with any purchase so you can be sure your investment will pay off.

Seal Skin covers are designed to perfectly fit your boat type or model. Whether a center console, deck boat, T-top boat, runabout boat or pontoon boat—we guarantee you’ll find a cover with a great fit at great price.

Love your watercraft? Throw away that expendable tarp and give your pride and joy the protection it deserves. Use our convenient selector above to find the perfect cover for your boat, waterski, and pontoon.


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