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"Very easy to navigate the website. Great price and delivery was expedited quickly. Kept in contact with me regarding delivery time. Item came sooner than expected. My Yamaha Rhino 700 looks coazy with it's new cover"

- Leonard B


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High-Quality Styled-to-Fit-Fit UTV Covers With a Great Value

Utility Terrain Vehicles were designed as an alternative to ATVs. A UTV can also be referred to as an SxS (Side-by-Side) because it allows the driver and passenger to be seated next to each other. A UTV can carry more passengers when compared to an ATV. These vehicles usually have four wheels, but some models can have up to six wheels and can carry up to six passengers with bench seating.

UTVs are extremely popular among avid campers and hunters. They perform heavy-duty work that makes them suitable for both work and recreation activities. These versatile vehicles allow you to plan a great weekend with friends and family because of their increased capacity and capabilities. Unlike an ATV, you don’t need three vehicles and three operators to transport six people.

UTVs can be expensive, but their tremendous value makes them a prime investment. If you own one, you need to understand that it may be a heavy-duty vehicle, but it may not last long without proper care. A Seal Skin UTV cover can effectively protect your investment against destructive elements.

Why Choose a Seal Skin Cover for Your Prime Investment?

UTVs are designed in such a way that they can withstand almost anything; however, constant exposure to harmful UV rays, rain, snow, and debris can affect your UTV in several ways. If your vehicle is parked outside during sunny days, prolonged exposure to the sun can cause the paint to fade and also cause damage to the seats, grips, and cables. Rainy days can be equally bad for your vehicle. Excessive rains can cause corrosion and condensation inside your gas tank. If you are fortunate enough to own a garage, you need to understand that even small particles such as dirt, dust, and insect frass can scratch the exterior finish and cause considerable damage over time. Unless your garage is air-tight and temperature-regulated, dust, pollen, and moisture can still get in and wreak havoc on your vehicle.

At Seal Skin, we offer one of the best UTV covers on the market for both indoor and outdoor storage.

How Our Brand Exceeds Customers’ Expectations

We only use top-quality materials and enforce strict manufacturing standards to ensure that our products exceed your expectations. It is important for you to purchase a cover that fits well to keep out water, heat, and other elements, otherwise, dampness can creep into the smallest cracks.

Our Styled-to-Fit-fit covers are altered for each model. They also have a full elastic hem that provides an ideal fit. Word of mouth is extremely powerful. We believe that when a satisfied customer spreads the word about our incredible products and service, that is the best advertising we can have. Keeping this in mind, we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee with every purchase.

How a Seal Skin Cover Shields Your Versatile Vehicle

It is important for you to take steps to protect your vehicle, because a UTV is more exposed to the elements than a car or truck. Shielding your UTV with a Seal Skin cover can:

  • Protect it from extreme weather conditions. UV rays from the sun can cause external paintwork and interiors to fade and peel. It can also cause battery water to evaporate. During heavy rains, acidic elements can cause rusting. Freezing temperatures can affect the battery, tires, and spark plugs. A high-quality Seal Skin cover not only protects your UTV from environmental hazards, but also from other damages caused due to bird droppings, tree sap, and so on.
  • Create an ideal fit. Standard size covers do not provide the best protection and custom-fit covers can be expensive. Our Styled-to-Fit-fit Seal Skin covers are affordable and ensure a snug fit as they include a strap system and built-in knuckle that secures your vehicle during strong winds or while transporting it on a trailer. Our trailerable UTV covers allow you to relax and enjoy your travel without having to worry about damages while transporting your UTV.
  • Keep thieves and burglars away. A cover can mask your vehicle’s make and model. An unprotected UTV is an open invitation for thieves to try and steal your vehicle. Thieves prey on vehicles that they believe will take the least amount of time for them to steal, and having to remove a cover just adds extra time. Therefore, an ideal cover will keep thieves and burglars from stealing or vandalizing your UTV.

Seal Skin UTV covers are highly portable because they are light and foldable. You can pack them and carry them with you wherever you go allowing you to protect your vehicle from the elements. We provide an ideal fit for most brands, including top-selling UTV brands like Polaris Ranger and John Deere Gator. We offer top-quality Polaris UTV covers and John Deere Gator covers.

If you are a proud owner of a stylish Polaris Ranger, then we can assure you that our Seal Skin Polaris Ranger UTV covers will provide extra protection to your investment from dirt and extreme weather conditions.

A Seal Skin Cover Is as Versatile as Your UTV

Seal Skin UTV covers offer many benefits that you can consider before purchasing them.

  • Seal Skin covers ensure water resistance as the reinforced seams of our covers are ultrasonically welded.
  • Even though our covers ensure a snug fit, they still provide enough ventilation. This ensures that water is not trapped in the cover leading to unwanted mold. The vented openings provide breathable space and prevent mold and mildew by allowing water-resistant material to shed moisture.
  • For many garage owners, fluctuating temperatures due to poor insulation is a big headache. The multiple layers of our synthetic fabric Seal Skin cover provide a shield from the considerable damage that can be caused by sudden changes in temperature.
  • Seal Skin covers include advanced UV inhibitors that act as a reflective layer to bounce off the heat and harmful UV rays.
  • The outer durable layer of a Seal Skin cover provides water and tear resistance. The soft inner layer and the non-metallic grommets protect the finish from any kind of scratches.

UTVs appeal to a wider audience because of their ability to carry more passengers and also because they provide great safety features. UTVs are expensive and if you own one, then you need to give them the protection they deserve. Luckily, maintaining your UTV in pristine condition does not require you to shell out a fortune.

Having a UTV comes with many responsibilities and challenges, and proper preservation is extremely significant. Wrapping your UTV with a suitable cover when it is not in use will ensure that it stays in a stainless situation. Our Seal Skin UTV covers are not just an important accessory but also a great alternative to protect your investment, satisfaction, and happiness.






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