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Pontoon Bimini Tops

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How to measure for Pontoon Bimini Top Mounting

Carefully consider the size that you need when selecting your pontoon bimini top. The mounting point you choose will impact the size of frame you need, the position of the canopy, and the shade it will provide. WIDTH: Measure the width from rail to rail to determine where you want the mounting points to be. MOUNTING POINT: Next, determine the mounting point. How far forward or aft do you want the top to be? Keep in mind that this will also determine which part of the boat gets shade. It will also set the position of the top when it is folded up and not in use. LENGTH: After you have chosen the mounting point and determined the width, then the length of the top will determine which part of the boat receives shade of the pontoon canopy and how much coverage is available. HEIGHT: The height of the pontoon bimini frame is set at 54". When mounted to the rails of your pontoon boat, the 54' frame height will be sufficient to allow you to walk under the canopy comfortably.

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