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14+ Snowmobile Storage Tips

Snowmobile Storage Tips

Say goodbye to cold weather and get ready for the upcoming heat waves! With winter behind us, we’ll also be saying adieu to snow, which is a relief for some people, except maybe for snowmobile riders.

While it’s time to store your beloved snow vehicle for the off-season, many people still don’t have the slightest idea on how to store a snowmobile properly. Is it enough to park it on the grass in the shade of a nearby tree? Of course not! You spent thousands on your snowmobile, so you’d want to make sure it’s ready for the next riding season.

If you’re unsure of how to store a snowmobile during the warmer months, here are some tips you wouldn’t want to miss.

Where to Store Your Snowmobile

Your thousand-dollar snowmobile is about to temporarily retire until next winter. Do you have a place to keep it in? Actually, there are several areas suitable for this purpose and each has its own advantages. Which one is right for you? Let these snowmobile storage ideas help you answer this question.

  • This option is perfect if you want to keep a watchful eye on your sled and have easy access to it whenever you feel like checking it out.
  • A small handmade or factory-made shed also offers ample security and protection from the elements.
  • Storing your sled in a trailer allows for easy transport and storage. When it’s time to ride again, you can just hook up your trailer and go!
  • Self-storage. If you don’t have a garage, shed, or trailer, you can store your snowmobile in a nearby self-storage facility. It offers the same benefits, at the cost of rent and distance.
  • Storing your snowmobile outdoors is usually not recommended, since it exposes your ride to theft and the elements. However, if you don’t have a choice but to store it outdoors, don’t forget to cover it with a high-quality breathable cover that provides a secure, semi-custom fit.

Snowmobile Summer Storage Tips

Storing your snowmobile for the off-season calls for some serious preparation. You can’t just park your ride anywhere and call it a day. It doesn’t work that way. So, how do you do it? Here are some snowmobile summer storage tips that can help keep your sled in tip-top shape throughout the off-season.

Give it a wash. Riding through the snow all winter long can cause dirt and salt build-up. Without proper attention, these can cause corrosion, so you better clean it up – fast! Use warm, soapy water to clean the hood, tunnel, seat, and nose pan and rinse thoroughly when you’re done. Afterward, spray a grease-cutting cleaner under the hood and an engine degreaser near the oil reservoir and on the exhaust ports.

Wax. Apply wax after cleaning your snowmobile to restore its original shine, extend its productive life, and make it easier to clean in the future.

Mind your fuel system. There are two kinds of fuel systems: fuel-injected systems and carburetor systems.

  • Fuel-injected systems need gasoline to stay lubricated and protected, especially when in storage. If your ride has a fuel-injected system, fill the tank and add a fuel stabilizer. Run the engine for a few minutes to ensure that the treated gasoline flows through the components.
  • For older carburetor systems, most riders recommend completely draining the tank prior to storage to prevent fuel from evaporating and leaving behind a residue that could block passageways and damage metal.

Fog the engine. Fogging oil displaces moisture from metal and forms a protective coating to prevent the crankshaft bearings, connecting rods, and other engine parts from corroding.

Grease lube points and chassis. Coat all the lube points to prevent exposure to water and prevent rust formation during the off-season. Avoid applying anything on the clutch or belts.

Grease suspension and steering systems. Aside from preventing corrosion, applying grease to the suspension and steering systems will ensure smooth operation when you’re ready to ride again.

Remove the battery. Place the battery in a safe, temperature-controlled area away from sunlight. Also remember to keep the battery charged using a battery tender or a trickle charge.

Remove the belt. If you want to prevent condensation building between the belt and clutch, don’t leave the belt on. Removing the belt also keeps it from setting in its installed shape which may prevent it from rotating properly once the riding season starts.

Clean the chaincase. Never leave used lubricant in the chaincase, as it also leaves behind water, which may cause corrosion.

Inspect and loosen the track. Tension and use will wear down the track over time. When preparing to store your snowmobile, inspect the track for any signs of damage and loosen it up to relieve tension.

Fix broken parts. While your snowmobile is in storage, take the time to inspect the parts that may have been broken or damaged and repair or replace them as necessary.

Lift the snowmobile. Once everything is done, it’s time to store your snowmobile. We recommend placing it on a snowmobile storage rack to relieve tension on the tracks and suspension.

Pest control. You don’t want critters nesting on your resting snowmobile, so cover up any openings such as the muffler outlet, carburetor intake, cooling system intake, and outlet holes. Scatter dry sheets around to repel mice. You can also place some mothballs on the hood for another line of defense.

Cover it up. A high-quality snowmobile cover adds another layer of protection to protect your ride against the damaging effects of the elements. If you’re using a cover purchased during the previous season, make sure it is clean, since dirty covers can scratch the snowmobile’s finish.

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