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7 Traits of a Great Snowmobile Cover

You’ve invested a significant amount on your snowmobile, so don’t let it deteriorate needlessly before its time. Unfortunately, many snowmobile owners leave their rides unprotected against the elements. Your sled is not indestructible and can be especially vulnerable to inclement weather. To keep it in excellent form, you need to give it the protection it deserves.     

How do you do it? Aside from sticking to a regular maintenance schedule, you need to start using a snowmobile cover!

There are a lot of reasons why snowmobile owners should consider investing in a high-quality snowmobile cover. By using a cover, your ride gets the protection it needs and you can prevent paying for expensive repairs in the future.

Why Should You Get a Snowmobile Cover?

If you have a snowmobile, you absolutely need a cover. Here are some valid reasons why you shouldn’t go without one.

  • Sun protection. Some covers offer UV protection to prevent the sun from damaging your ride.
  • Moisture protection. A breathable, waterproof cover can keep rain, snow, ice, and sleet from corroding your snowmobile.
  • Debris protection. Dust, dirt, and other debris can accumulate on a snowmobile when it’s not covered. Apart from making it look unattractive, debris can also scratch your ride and cause long-term damage.
  • Critter deterrent. Letting small animals like birds or squirrels roam around on your snowmobile can mess up your ride and cause serious damage. Stop critters from turning your ride into a nest by getting a cover.

7 Traits of a Great Snowmobile Cover

Not all snowmobile covers are made the same. Different covers have different features and provide different levels of protection. Of course, you’d want to get a cover that can effectively protect your beloved ride so you need to know what to look for when purchasing one.

To help you come up with a more informed decision, we have listed down some of the traits of a great snowmobile cover.

  • Material quality. A snowmobile cover is mostly defined by the material from which it was made. Do you honestly expect a cover made from cheap tarp would give the same level of protection as one made from heavy-duty UV-treated 600 denier polyester fabric would? You paid thousands to buy your snowmobile so give it the protection it deserves.
  • For optimum protection, get a cover that offers at least three layers of protection. Ideally, it should have a tough outer layer, a water-resistant yet breathable middle layer, and a soft inner layer. The breathable middle layer will help prevent the growth of mold and mildew, while the soft inner layer will protect your snowmobile from scratches. However, if you’re only looking for a snowmobile dust cover, you can opt for a thinner cover as long as it’s still breathable and soft on the inside.
  • Always consider the size of your snowmobile cover. If the cover is too small, it can be difficult to pull off and put on. If it’s too big, it can flap around during windy days and increase the risk of scratching your finish.
  • Covers come in three main categories: universal, semi-custom, and fully custom. If you’re on a tight budget, universal fit covers are your go-to, though they may be made out of cheap materials and not provide a proper fit. Fully custom covers are on the opposite side of the spectrum. These covers provide a perfect fit but are extremely pricey and may not be readily available. If you’re looking for a cover that provides a snug fit at an affordable price, choose a semi-custom cover instead.
  • Durability. Inspect the seams to determine the product’s craftsmanship and durability. A good cover should have double-stitched reinforced seams to ensure maximum strength.
  • Trailerability. If you need a trailerable cover, find one that is made from a sturdier fabric to prevent tearing. It should also come with an elastic cord, hooks, and straps to keep the cover on your snowmobile while you trailer your sled. Some extra features include safety markings, protective non-scratch hoods, and a zippered opening for easy access to the gas tank.
  • Warranty. No manufacturer would offer warranty if they don’t have full confidence in their products.

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Measuring Your Snowmobile

As previously mentioned, the fit is one of the most important attributes of a good snowmobile cover. To ensure that you get a cover that fits your ride just right, here are some tips on how to measure for snowmobile cover.

  • Full body covers. A snowmobile cover that covers the entire body as well as the skis is called a full body cover. They offer more protection compared to the half body counterpart. To measure for a full body cover, measure from the front of the skis to the furthest rearward part of the snowmobile.
  • Half body covers. Unlike full body covers, half body covers do not cover the skis entirely. Get the proper measurement for half body covers by measuring from the front of the cowling to the rear of the seat.
  • Model and make. To get an even better fit, don’t forget to mention your sled’s particular make and model when making a purchase. There might be some slight differences between a Polaris snowmobile cover, a Gulf Stream snowmobile cover, a John Deere snowmobile cover, a Rev snowmobile cover, or a Yamaha snowmobile cover, so do yourself a favor by letting the sales personnel know exactly what you’re looking for.

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