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How to Put On a Car Cover

how to put on a car cover

Relying solely on public transit can make your already hectic life even more hectic. We are witnessing a steep increase in the rate of car ownership in many countries, especially in cities that continue to grow and evolve. Around the world, owning a car is a ticket to freedom in your schedule.

A car cover is a necessary accessory to protect your vehicle from bird droppings, tree sap, dirt, grime, UV rays, snow, hail, and other extreme weather conditions. Most car covers may look the same, but they are not. As a car owner, it is your responsibility to choose a cover that provides superior protection to your beloved vehicle.

How to Put On a Car Cover

As a car owner, it is important for you to know how to put on a car cover by yourself. Putting on a car cover properly is equally important as choosing an adequate car cover. Sadly, most car owners think that putting on a car cover involves a lot of work, so they decide to leave their vehicle exposed. However, the fact of the matter is that once you learn how to properly use a car cover, putting it on and taking it off becomes very simple. There are some basic steps that will help you understand how to install a car cover. These are some basic yet important steps that will help you understand how to put a car cover easily. 

  • First, you need to remove the car cover from its packaging.
  • Look for the tag identifying the front on the inside of your car cover. Many car covers will have this tag either sewn or stamped to the front of the cover. This will help you differentiate between the front and rear of your cover.
  • Secure the front area of the cover around the front bumper first; then pull the cover over the top of the car. It is advisable to begin with the front part of your vehicle, since the front bumper is more exposed when compared to other views of the vehicle.
  • If you have purchased a custom cover, it may have mirror pockets. If it does, then be sure to place the cover over the side mirrors first before the ends of the cover are attached to the bumpers.
  • You may know how to put a car cover over a car that has an antenna; however, it becomes a little complicated for vehicles without the antenna. In this case, you need to first check if you have received an antenna patch. There are also some models that have antennas that are not retractable. Identify the spot where the antenna would have hit the cover if it were installed and then apply the antenna patch, preferably a self-adhesive one to that spot. If you want your antenna to have a custom fit, then use a sharp object to punch a hole in the center of the patch.
  • Finally, pull the rest of the cover over your vehicle. You may have to pull the cover in phases, depending on the type of the vehicle, so that it will not bunch up.
  • Once this is done, and the cover rests on the roof of your vehicle, make sure to secure the cover under the rear bumper.

The process of choosing a car cover can be complicated; however, the steps involved in car cover installation are neither confusing nor time-consuming. If this is done properly, then removing the car cover becomes easy too, and this is true for all cars, including luxurious vehicles like an SUV. If you have purchased an SUV recently and are confused about how to put a car cover on your SUV, then the above steps should work fine.

Choosing an ideal car cover is important, as it helps your car stay in pristine condition for a longer period of time. Remember, your beloved vehicle will remain in good shape once you secure it with a good cover. 

Why Choose a Top-Quality Seal Skin Car Cover

Universal (also called one-size-fits-all) covers do not provide a near-perfect fit most of the time. This can be frustrating, as it could get blown away during strong winds, leaving your car unprotected. If it is undersized, it may not be able to cover your car completely, leaving some areas exposed to the damaging elements.

Custom car covers can provide superior protection for your vehicle; however, they tend to be expensive and can be heavy on the wallet.

At Seal Skin, we offer semi-custom car covers that provide a much better fit when compared to universal car covers, are much cheaper when compared to custom-fit covers, and still provide about the same level of protection.

The Other Advantages of Choosing a Seal Skin Car Cover

There are several benefits of covering your vehicle with a Seal Skin cover. Here are some of them.

  • Our car covers come in a host of colors, sizes, and materials, and you can choose one based on your preference.
  • Our semi-custom-fit covers are UV-resistant, waterproof, durable, and long-lasting, making them the ideal choice for your cherished vehicle in all weather conditions.
  • A Seal Skin car cover is made of multiple layers that provide advanced protection to ensure that your vehicle is guaranteed to be safe not only from damages due to the sun’s rays but also from damages caused by hail, tree sap, and other external factors.
  • Our expertly designed car covers are non-abrasive and help in protecting your vehicle’s exterior from dirt, dust, scratches, and more.
  • The inner fleece lining ensures a snug fit and prevents your vehicle from any kind of scratch, mainly because of its softness.
  • Our smartly designed Seal Skin car covers leave breathable space to prevent moisture formation. This in turn helps in preventing mold and mildew build-up.

At Seal Skin, we offer high-quality semi-custom-fit car covers with a guaranteed fit and excellent value. Our products are reasonably priced and we will ship your order right to your doorstep at no additional cost. We offer a full 30-day money-back guarantee and a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty with every purchase.

You can call us at 800-915-0038 during our office hours (Monday to Friday from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM EST) and we will help you find the right car cover that fits your needs and budget. We will also help you if you have any questions about our products, shipping policies, and exchange/refund policies.

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