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6 Tips for Boat Protection

Boat Protection

There is nothing quite like the joy of going out onto a lake, a river, or the sea and spending the day on your boat with family and friends. Boating helps you reconnect with nature, and having your own boat can make your favorite water activities much easier. Stepping on a boat allows you to experience that shot of freedom and relaxation as you pull away from dry land.

Boating can boost your well-being and it is proven to have various health benefits. Once you are on the deck, it’s just you, fresh air, and water wherever you look. Boating is a great way to escape from the stressful modern life whether you are hitting the water for a whole weekend or just a few hours. It feels like a remedy to modern life.

Getting out in the sun is one of the main reasons why people go boating; however, the sun’s rays can cause considerable damage to your boat. UV rays can damage your boat’s vinyl furniture, flooring, and other components. In addition to UV rays, algae, and debris can also cause damage to your beloved boat.

If you’re taking your boat out on the ocean, it will always be at the risk of damage from saltwater as it can damage any part of your boat, from the gel coat to rubber fittings to small screws and metal fixtures. It is true that salt can accelerate wear and tear on almost every surface, but the excess rust that it leads to and the damage that it can cause to the motor is very problematic.

6 Tips for Boat Protection

As part of your boat’s regular maintenance, it is very important to protect every surface possible from corrosive salt damage, UV rays, and other hazardous elements.

In this post, we will cover some important points that will teach you how to protect your boat seats from the sun and we will also explain what needs to be done to protect your boat from hazardous elements. These boat protection tips are crucial and will allow you to enjoy your time in the sun while prolonging your boat’s lifespan.

Wash Your Boat Regularly

Boat Wash

  • It is important to give your boat regular, thorough washes, especially after a day out in the sea, as salt water can cause devastating damage to boats if left without proper maintenance. Crystals from the salt water can scratch and cause abrasions to your boat and the salt from the ocean can easily destroy a new boat quickly, leaving it full of rust and deterioration.
  • After every outing, you’ll have to rinse and flush out the entire boat, from bow to stern, and wipe down the stainless and varnished teak with boat cleaning supplies.
  • You need to pay special attention to metal and wooden parts, including fishing rod holders, cleats, and anchors.
  • If you store your boat outside where wind can coat it in saltwater spray, then you will have to ensure that it gets a regular rinse with fresh water whether you have used it or not.
  • You must scrub down everything, including the exterior and the interior to get rid of the salt. You need to pay special attention to the deck hardware and the pulleys and also ensure that the cockpit and the mast are washed.

Keep Your Boat Polished

  • It is important to maintain the gelcoat and keep your boat polished as this doesn’t just improve its appearance, but also ensures that the slick surface repels salt water, barnacles, and other organisms that might eat away at the hull.
  • You should make sure to lubricate any metal moving parts with marine grease regularly, as lubrication not only provides cooling but can also remove any debris or impurities. It can also help protect sensitive metal parts from corrosion easily.
  • Another significant advantage of lubrication is that it can reduce friction, allowing machine parts to slide smoothly past each other.

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Safeguard Your Boat’s Outboard Motor

  • Since salt water can accelerate corrosion and rust in metal, leaving your motor to soak in it for a long period of time is bound to cause some damage. Therefore, you should remember to tilt the outboard up before keeping your boat docked in the water.
  • Tilting an outboard motor up will not only protect it from corrosion, but will also keep it clear of any unwanted barnacles and prevent it from anything that it can bang into underwater.
  • It is a good practice to change your oil regularly, otherwise, the engine could seize up unexpectedly, causing a boat accident or leaving you stranded out on the water.

Wax Your Boat Regularly

  • The extent of damage caused by harmful UV rays can be reduced considerably by using a compound boat wax that is compatible with your boat’s exterior.
  • Along with cleaning, waxing must also be included as a part of your annual boat maintenance task, and you can also choose to wax your boat more frequently if it is exposed to UV rays for a longer period of time.
  • A layer of wax makes your boat more resistant to any long-term damage and can also prevent the buildup of debris and other hull contaminants that come with regular boating.

Maintain the Sacrificial Anodes in Good Condition

  • The term “sacrificial anodes” was coined metaphorically, as these are small metal fixtures that protect the vital metal parts of your boat from corroding by “sacrificing” themselves. These can also be referred to as “galvanic anodes” or “zincs”.
  • You must keep the zincs in good condition as they are vital to keeping your boat stay afloat. You should check the zincs at least once a year and replace them whenever they have lost half their mass.

Use a Top-Quality Boat Cover

  • A high-quality boat cover can provide superior protection to your boat from hazardous elements. You can employ boat covers whether your boat is stored outdoors or indoors, and also when you pull your boat out onto a boat trailer.
  • An effective boat cover can also protect your boat from theft and vandalism as criminals often try to steal from uncovered boats, as they are easier targets. It also keeps animals out when the boat is sitting.
  • A top-quality boat cover can prevent fading to the interior caused by the sun and can also prevent parts from cracking from the sun’s rays.

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