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Why You Need to Prevent Sun Damage on Your Car

Most people know that parking a car under direct sunlight for prolonged periods can cause considerable damage, but surprisingly, many car owners still leave their vehicles out in the open without any sort of protection. Considering the sheer amount of money needed to fix sun damage on your car, plus the inconvenience it may cause, isn’t it wiser to prevent it from happening in the first place?

The Sun Can Ruin Your Car in More Ways than One

Overexposure to sun damages your car paint. What happens when you frequently leave your car under the blistering heat of the sun? Over time, your vehicle loses its once-vibrant color and it starts to look tired, dull, and old. Worse, the paint may even crack and flake off in patches as the sun’s unforgiving ultraviolet rays (UV) rays break down the paint pigment and trigger the oxidation process.

Surely, you wouldn’t want to be seen driving around in a tired-looking car, right? Unfortunately, that’s what you’ll end up with if you don’t give it the attention it needs. If you want to restore it to its previous condition, you can take it for a paint job, but it will cost you about $1,000 to $3,500.

It can fade the interior. The sun can damage more than just your car paint. As temperatures climb, the car’s interior can suffer the same fate. According to the San Francisco State University, the temperature inside a car can easily go up to 123 degrees Fahrenheit when the outdoor temperature is just 80 degrees. This is enough to cause the upholstery, dashboard, steering wheel, and other fixtures to fade, age, and crack.

Replacing car seat upholstery can also be expensive. Current estimates put it at $200 to $750 per seat or $500 to $2,000 for two bucket seats. Custom upholstery for an entire car can easily amount to $2,500, while dashboard replacement will set you back by about $2,200.

It affects tires and other rubber surfaces. Constant sun exposure can result in underinflated tires. This can lead to a serious problem since driving a car with improperly inflated tires on hot pavement increases the risk of a blowout. Moreover, the sun and the heat can ruin the car’s other rubber parts including the windshield wipers, rubberized trims, belts, and hoses.

It affects the car’s fluid levels. As the intense heat affects the consistency of the car’s engine oil, its protective property is significantly reduced and the potential for engine damage dramatically increases. Extremely high temperatures may also affect your car’s cooling system by reducing the efficiency of your coolant or antifreeze. This can be a disaster, especially when you’re out driving on a hot summer day.

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How to Prevent Sun Damage on Your Car

How to Prevent Sun Damage on Your Car

Extremely high temperatures may not exactly be good for your car, but this doesn’t mean that you’re doomed if you live in warm areas. Cheer up! There are several things that you can do to avoid sun-related damages. Here are some tips on how to prevent sun damage on your car.

Choose where to park. The sun’s harmful UV rays can ruin your car in more ways than you can imagine, so keep your car in a covered area like a garage or carport. If that’s not possible, park in the shade and avoid leaving your car under direct sunlight. Whenever it is safe to do so, leave the windows slightly open to prevent the temperature from building up inside the car.

Get into the habit of washing and waxing. Frequent washing removes dust and dirt that may dull the car’s finish and cause minor scratches, while waxing on a regular basis (once every three to six months) helps protect car paint from the damaging effects of the sun. Note: Always use a mild detergent in washing your car and dry it thoroughly with a chamois or microfiber towel for a streak-free finish.

Pay attention to the car seats. Install seat covers to keep them from fading and apply a leather conditioner to keep leather seats from cracking.

Invest in periodic maintenance. Avoid any unpleasant surprises by asking your mechanic to check the car’s fluid and antifreeze levels, belts, and hoses. Have an oil change, top off your car’s fluids (e.g., coolant, brake fluid, transmission fluid, and power steering fluid), and repair or replace broken belts and hoses to ensure the car’s readiness for the season. For added safety, always check the tire pressure, since tires lose an average of one pound of air pressure a month.

Consider installing films and tinting. Window tint films can block up to 99.9% of UV rays from reaching the car’s interior, while paint protection films shield the exterior finish from fading, cracking, and chipping.  

Use a car cover. There are a lot of reasons why you should consider investing in a high-quality semi-custom car cover. Specifically, a car cover can:

  • Protect the exterior finish from the damaging effects of the elements (UV rays, rain, wind, snow, ice).
  • Reduce the detrimental effects of heat on the car’s interior, air conditioning, battery, and rubber parts.
  • Shield the car’s surface from natural hazards (bird droppings, bugs, tree sap, falling leaves, etc.) and prevent dents, dings, scrapes, and scratches.
  • Discourage theft and vandalism.

What Makes a Great Car Cover?

Not all car covers provide the same level of protection so choose one with the following features:

Multi-layered protection. A car cover made with at least three layers of materials can be considered good enough, but one with several additional layers is definitely better. For superior protection, you’ll want to choose a cover that has a tough outer layer, an adequately padded middle layer, and a soft inner layer.

Excellent fit. When it comes to fit, you have several choices: custom, semi-custom, and universal fit.

  • Custom-fit covers are specifically made for a car’s exact make and model using the best quality materials. However, they can be quite pricey.
  • Universal fit covers can best be described as generic car covers that fit a broad range of cars in different categories. Since these are usually made of flimsy materials, universal covers offer nothing but the most basic protection and provide a poor fit. The price may be within every car owner’s reach but you definitely get what you pay for.
  • Semi-custom covers can snugly fit several vehicles with similar styles and dimensions and are usually made of high-quality materials. If you want a good-quality cover that won’t break your budget, this one’s for you.

Durable. A high-quality car cover should adequately protect your car from the elements and withstand constant wear and tear.

Why Choose Seal Skin?

How to Prevent Sun Damage on Your Car

Here are some reasons why you should consider a Seal Skin cover.

We put a premium on quality. We want to make sure your car gets the protection it deserves so we didn’t stop at three. Instead, our covers are made with five layers of materials.

  • Outer layer. The outer layer is made from tough, durable material that effectively protects the car’s exterior finish from the elements and blocks dust, tree sap, and bird droppings from getting through the underlying layers. The outer layer is also treated with advanced UV inhibitors to provide extreme protection against harmful UV rays.
  • Middle layer. Seal Skin covers have a group of layers between the outer and inner layers to provide a more substantial cushioning effect. We specifically use water-resistant micro-porous materials to promote breathability and prevent moisture from seeping into the inner layer.
  • Inner layer. This layer is in direct contact with your car so we used a soft fleece lining to keep the exterior finish scratch-free.

Our covers fit perfectly. When it comes to car covers, the fit matters – a lot. Thus, aside from making sure that we have covers that perfectly fit every car model imaginable, we added an elastic hem around the perimeter of the cover to ensure a snug fit. We also put reinforced grommets on both sides of the cover to prevent it from being blown away even during windy days.

Seal Skin covers are built to last. We want you to get the most from your investment, so we make our covers extra strong. With ultrasonically welded seams, they will surely last for years.

Avoid Sun Damage on Your Car with a Seal Skin Car Cover!

If you’re looking for an effective yet affordable way on how to protect car paint from the sun and prevent sun damage on your car, we have the perfect solution for you: invest in a Seal Skin car cover!  

At Seal Skin Covers, you’ll find the best semi-custom covers for your car. Aside from using the best materials, we also enforce strict manufacturing standards to ensure the quality of our products. You want the best protection for your ride so that’s exactly what we’ll give you.

You know you need a Seal Skin cover so call us at 800-915-0038 during our office hours (Monday to Friday from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM EST) and we’ll gladly answer all your questions about our products, shipping policies, and exchange/refund policies. We will help you find the right cover that fits your budget. We also offer a full 30-day return and exchange warranty with every purchase so you can experience the Seal Skin Cover difference risk-free!

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