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What to Look For in an Extreme Weather Car Cover

Extreme Weather Car Cover

For most car lovers, there are few things more heartbreaking than leaving their beloved cars out in the open. This is easily understandable, since constant exposure to extreme sunlight can cause exterior paints to fade and interior panels to crack while other hazards, like acid rain, cause serious damage not only on the exterior paint, but also on plastic trims, chrome, and rubber seals as well. Do you feel the same way? If so, it’s time to consider investing in an extreme weather car cover.

Why Use an Extreme Weather Car Cover?

There are several good reasons why you need a high-quality car cover, especially if you don’t have a dedicated garage for your precious ride.

  • It protects your car against the elements. A good-quality car cover shields your car from harsh environmental conditions like extreme heat, UV rays, rain, and snow. It can help preserve your car’s exterior finish and keep the interior from fading and cracking. Additionally, it can prevent precipitation from getting into those tiny nicks and scratches which may lead to corrosion.
  • It reduces the risk of accidental damages. Extreme weather car covers have multiple layers of protection, which help reduce the risk of sustaining unsightly dents, dings, and scratches from accidental bumps and blows. Accidents do happen, but you can lessen the damage with a suitable car cover.
  • It keeps natural hazards at bay. You wouldn’t want to see bird droppings, tree sap, and insects on your car, right? This is yet another reason why you need a car cover! As a bonus, a high-quality car cover can also protect your car’s finish from being scratched by your furry friends.
  • It keeps your car spotlessly clean. Even if you’re not using it, you wouldn’t want to see your car coated with dust, right? Unfortunately, that’s what happens when you store it in a garage for long periods. If you think this is a problem, it’s even worse for vehicles that are parked outside. Caked-on dirt and mud can ruin your exterior paint finish, damage rubber parts, and affect your car’s electrical components and overall performance.  
  • It deters theft and vandalism. Aside from shielding your car from extreme weather conditions, it also acts as an effective deterrent against theft and vandalism. It’s harder to steal or cause intentional damage to a car under a protective cover than one that is not.  

Investing in an Extreme Weather Car Cover? Here’s What You Need to Look For

Extreme weather conditions call for extreme protection. If you live in an area with such a climate, you’ll need something more substantial than just a flimsy, ill-fitting universal car cover. How can you be sure that your car cover offers the protection you need? Look for the following features.

Thicker construction

Ideally, you’ll need a car cover with multiple layers of protection. At the very least, choose one with three layers: a tough and durable outer layer, a substantial middle layer that cushions the effect of minor bumps and blows, and a soft inner lining that prevents external pressure from leaving scratches on the car’s finish. In this case, more is necessarily better, so if you can find one with at least five layers of materials, like the ones from Seal Skin Covers, then go for it!


A good car cover allows your car to “breathe.” It should allow the moisture coming from the ground to evaporate rather than trapping it under the cover. Otherwise, it will encourage mildew growth and trigger the corrosion process.

Reflects UV rays

Extreme sunlight and intense heat can do a number on your favorite ride, so choose one that is treated with advanced UV inhibitors.

Snug fit

The fit plays a great role in determining how effectively a car cover protects your vehicle. Ill-fitting covers can cause extensive damage, especially on windy days. The loose fabric tends to whip against the exterior finish, causing multiple scratches which are not only unsightly but are also costly to repair.

If you think you’re getting a good deal when you buy an inexpensive universal-fit cover, think again. It may cost less, but it doesn’t give the full protection your car needs. To be safe, buy a snug-fitting semi-custom car cover – at the very least. It’s more unlikely to blow off, even on the windiest days.

But what if you have recently bought a universal car cover? What can you do about it? How can you keep the car cover from blowing off? Rather than letting it go to waste or using it and inflicting damage on your car, you can secure your covers from being blown away by weighing down the corners. You may also use a system of clips and bungee cords to keep it where it belongs.


A high-quality extreme weather car cover doesn’t come cheap, so you’d want to make sure you get your money’s worth. Aside from making sure it has all the features listed above, you should also put a premium on durability. Do yourself a favor by choosing one that is made from premium materials and manufactured using the highest quality of workmanship.

However, please note that even the best car cover can’t protect your car from extreme weather conditions like hurricanes, floods, and tornadoes. If you should bring your car with you when you evacuate, make sure it's stored in a safe and secure area. As always, it’s safest in a garage.

And while it seems like a no-brainer, it may be helpful to emphasize that you should never prioritize your car's safety over your own.

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