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What Are the Best Outdoor Motorcycle Covers?

As a rider, keeping your motorcycle in pristine condition probably occupies one of the top spots on your to-do list. Your heart swells with pride when fellow riders appreciate and admire your ride. In addition, a sparkly clean motorcycle also means that it’s been well taken care of, so if you ever decide to sell, it’s bound to rake in tons of cash.

Outdoor Motorcycle Covers

However, maintaining your bike in a perfectly spotless and immaculate condition can be expensive and time-consuming. Well, worry no more. The best motorcycle covers are here to save the day!

Why Use an Outdoor Motorcycle Cover? Here’s Why.

When using an outdoor motorcycle cover, you can keep your ride cleaner in between washes, but the benefits don’t stop there. Here’s what you get when you use a waterproof motorcycle cover.

  • Protection against the elements. This is the primary reason why motorcycle owners cover their rides. If you park outside, the rain and sun can damage your bike’s paint job in time. A high-quality outdoor motorcycle cover can help protect against these, and keep your ride safe from other external factors (wind, hail, snow, bird droppings, bugs, tree sap, etc.) that may ruin your ride.
  • Protection against scratches. Whether you park indoors or outdoors, there is a possibility that your bike can get scratched up. These scratches, no matter how minute they may be, can make your ride look dull and generally unattractive. What’s worse, paint scratches can contribute to rusting over time.
  • Thieves are everywhere! Using a motorcycle cover can significantly reduce the risk of having your bike stolen or vandalized.
  • Cleaner bike. As mentioned before, using a cover on your bike results in a cleaner ride in between washes. Whether you personally wash your motorcycle or take it to the car wash, this translates to significant savings in terms of time and resources.

Now that you know exactly why you need a cover, it’s time to talk about how to find the best motorcycle cover for your bike. How do you go about it? Look for these key features.

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What Makes the Best Motorcycle Cover? Motorcycle Cover Key Features

Covers come in all shapes and sizes. Unfortunately, not all of them are made equally. To find the best motorcycle cover, consider the condition you park your bike in. Once you answer that question, you can start looking for a specific cover to suit your needs. Here are some key features you need to look for when you’re in the market for a motorcycle cover.

  • Type of cover. There are two usual types of motorcycle covers in the market: full-size covers and half-covers. Full-size covers are designed to cover the entire bike, from the handlebars all the way down to the wheels. Full-size covers are intended to protect all major components and offer protection from the sun and rain. On the other hand, half covers are typically lightweight and portable and only cover half the bike. However, they can still provide sufficient UV protection and water resistance.
  • If parking outdoors, using a waterproof or water-resistant cover would be highly advisable. For best results, choose a breathable motorcycle rain cover (or at least one with vents) to allow condensation to evaporate and prevent premature corrosion.
  • UV Protection. Direct sunlight can damage your bike’s paint and finish so find a cover that can protect your motorcycle from harmful UV rays.
  • Heat Protection. Bikes generate a lot of heat through the engine and exhaust. If you don’t let your ride cool down before putting on the cover, it may melt, leaving a hole in the material. Getting covers that can handle warm engines without losing cohesion is key.
  • Reinforced Lower Half. The thicker fabric on the lower half of the cover is there for a good reason. It can keep it from chafing or marking up your bike when struck by the wind. Fewer movements mean less of a chance for scratches to appear.
  • These are located on the lower half of the cover. You can use a chain or rope to properly secure the cover onto your bike, preventing it from getting blown away by the wind or stolen by thieves.
  • Consider what condition you’re parking in. If looking for a motorcycle rain cover or something that can withstand the elements, consider more durable materials such as polyester. For indoor parking, lighter materials will serve you just fine.
  • There isn’t a one-size-fits-all when it comes to covers so carefully measure your motorcycle’s dimensions or identify your specific model to choose a cover that fits your bike just right!

Motorcycle Cover Tips

best Outdoor Motorcycle Covers

Although it seems like an easy task, most motorcycle owners often misuse their covers. This is quite unfortunate since improper use can damage not just the cover but your ride as well. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when using your motorcycle cover to prevent this from happening.

  • Cool it down! Unless your cover is heat-resistant, wait for your bike to cool down before covering it.
  • Keep it handy. Always keep a cover in one of your bags so you can easily throw a cover wherever you decide to park.
  • Secure it. Remember to fasten the cover onto your bike. Check if it’s snug so the wind or any passing thief can’t take off with it.
  • Let it dry. You don’t want to encourage the growth of mildew on the cover and rust on your bike, so don’t put it on your bike when it’s wet. Allow it to dry before using.
  • Shake it off. Covers are notorious dirt and pollen magnets so get into the habit of shaking off any dirt or debris after taking it off your bike.
  • Don’t rush it. Take your time when putting on or taking off the cover. Pulling on the material too hard or too fast may cause tears and rips.
  • Keep it clean. Use a clean piece of cloth to wipe the cover before and after use. Putting on a dirty cover will only increase the risk of leaving nasty scratches on your ride.

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