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Why Car Covers Are Worth It

Are car covers worth it? Considering all the troubles you have to go through when taking your car in for service, investing in a high-quality cover is definitely a great idea. In addition to preserving your car’s showroom-quality appearance, using a suitable cover can save you from a number of expensive yet easily avoidable repair jobs.

Should I Use a Car Cover?

should I use car cover

Some people inevitably find themselves asking this question at one time or another, but if you’re a responsible car owner who really cares about your ride, the answer should be quite straightforward: You should.

There are several benefits in using a high-quality car cover. Specifically, it can:

  • Protect the exterior finish against the adverse effects of the elements (UV rays, rain, wind, snow, ice, and so on) and prevent it from fading.
  • Shield the car’s surface from natural hazards (bird droppings, falling leaves, etc.).
  • Prevent dents, dings, scrapes, and scratches.
  • Reduce the damaging effects of heat on the car’s interior and rubber parts, air conditioning, and battery.
  • Deter potential theft.

With these benefits, it’s easy to see why investing in a high-quality cover from a trusted brand like Seal Skin Covers can help you save money on needless yet super expensive repairs.

How much can you save? To give you an idea, here are some of the most common car repairs and costs based on recent estimates from different sources.

  • Scuffs - less than $100
  • Clear coat scratches - less than $100
  • Paint scratches - $400 to $1,000
  • Deep paint scratches - $800 to $1,500
  • Car dents - $50 to $300 per dent for smaller dents (less than seven inches in diameter) and $500 to more than $2,000 per dent for larger dents on door, bumper, and hood
  • Tire replacement - $100 to $300 each
  • Wiper blade replacement - $56 to $89
  • Car battery replacement - $45 to $250
  • Paint job - $1,000 to $3,500 ($2,500 and up for a showroom-quality paint job)
  • Car seat upholstery - $200 to $750 per seat or $500 to $2,000 for two bucket seats while custom upholstery for an entire car can cost as much as $2,500
  • Dashboard replacement - about $2,200
  • Air conditioning repair - $150 to $800 for minor repairs and $1,000 to $4,000 for extensive repairs

Thankfully, many of these issues can easily be prevented by using a suitable car cover.

How Much Does a Car Cover Cost?

A high-quality, semi-custom car cover will typically cost you less than $150. At Seal Skin Covers, you can get a superior all-weather outdoor car cover for your Honda Civic, CR-V, Toyota Rav4, Camry, Nissan Rogue, and just about any car make and model for about $149.99. A standard outdoor car cover goes for less than $120, while indoor car covers cost $89.99.

For SUVs, prices range from less than $130 (for indoor covers) to $175.99 (for all-weather outdoor car covers) while covers for pickup trucks range from less than $130 (for indoor covers) to $179.99 for all-weather outdoor car covers.

See the difference? For a small, one-time investment, you can save thousands in repairs. That sounds like money well-spent!

What Makes a High-Quality Car Cover?

Whether you drive a Ford F-150, Chevy, or Ram pickup truck; a RAV-4 or a CR-V; or a Camry or a Civic, you need a high-quality car cover that can adequately protect your precious ride from factors that can ruin the exterior finish, upholstery, rubber parts, and battery.

What does a high-quality cover look like? How would you know if it can give you the protection your car needs? To ensure maximum performance, look for the following features.

Multi-layered protection. Flimsy car covers won’t cut it. If you want superior protection, go for a car cover made of at least three layers of strong and sturdy materials. Ideally, it should have a tough and durable outer layer, an adequately-padded middle layer, and a soft inner layer.

Superior breathability. A waterproof cover will do more harm than good if it doesn’t promote good air circulation, since it creates the ideal environment for mold and mildew formation and significantly increases the risk of corrosion. For best results, choose a car cover made from breathable, micro-porous materials that don’t trap excess moisture.

Snug fit. Who wouldn’t want a car cover with a perfect or near-perfect fit? Besides the fact that it looks good, a snug-fitting cover is easier to pull on and off, so you don’t have to exert extra effort every time you use it. And since it provides a secure fit, you don’t have to worry about dust buildup or a critter invasion.

Admittedly, a universal-fit car cover usually won’t fit the bill, so you may have to choose between a custom-fit and a semi-custom fit cover. A custom-fit cover provides a perfect fit (since they are specially made for specific car makes and models) but can be quite pricey. If you’re looking for a more budget-friendly option but are not willing to compromise on the fit and quality of the product, choose a semi-custom fit cover.

Excellent workmanship. The product’s strength and durability depend largely on how well it is made, so inspect the seams to make sure they are double-stitched and ultrasonically-welded.

You Get Your Money’s Worth (and More!) with Seal Skin Car Covers

Are car covers are worth it? Yes, they are, especially if they come from a credible brand like Seal Skin Covers. At Seal Skin Covers, you’ll find the best budget-friendly semi-custom covers for your car. We understand that you want to give your precious ride the best protection it can get so we only use the best materials and enforce strict manufacturing standards to ensure the quality of our products.

Are you ready to make a purchase or would you like to know more about our products, and exchange and refund policies? In either case, please call us at 800-915-0038 during our office hours (Monday to Friday from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM EST) and we’ll gladly answer all your questions. We will help you find the right cover that fits your budget. And don’t worry about your investment. We offer a full 30-day return and exchange warranty with every purchase so you can experience the Seal Skin Cover difference risk-free!

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