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Snug Fit. Great Price!

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SealSkin Furniture Covers Are Waterproof, Durable and Provide Excellent Protection Against Rain, Sun, Snow & Hail.

SealSkin furniture covers are the most powerful covers available designed with SEAL-TEC technology. They’re waterproof, durable and provide excellent protection against rain, sun, snow & hail. SEAL-TEC fabrics promote superior air circulation preventing mold, mildew and musty odors. 

Will These Covers Fit My Furniture?

Yes! Our covers are custom made based on your furnitures measurements. Combine the perfect size with an elastic around the perimeter and grommets for tie down straps and you’re getting a cover that is going to fit your furniture extremely well.

What is SEAL-TEC technology?

SEAL-TEC is a patent pending fabric designed using performance grade oxford polyester specifically built to repel water and resist rips and tears. SEAL-TEC properties also prevent accumulation of dirt between fibers. The basket type weaving gives the fabric durable and breathable properties preventing mold, mildew and musty odors. SEAL-TEC fabrics dry quickly and are easy to clean and maintain.

Is shipping free? How long does it take for me to receive my cover?

Yes! Shipping is free to all SealSkin customers. Our covers are shipped out of our warehouses in Brewster, New York or Fremont, California depending on where you live and our inventory management systems. Custom Orders arrive within 2 weeks of ordering. 

Can I return or exchange my cover if I’m not happy with it?Yes! If you’re not happy with your cover and would like to exchange or return it we’re here to help. Customers have 30 days after receiving the order to contact us regarding returns and exchanges.

What does the Warranty cover? Is the Warranty pro-rated?

Our warranty covers rips, tears, waterproof and breathability. Unlike our competitors our warranties are not prorated, losing value over time. Our warranties are fully guaranteed for the complete duration of your warranty.

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